Luxury Micro Bikini

Though they may be minimal in coverage, a luxury micro bikini is not only comfortable but feels, well, luxurious. Using high quality materials, luxury micro bikinis are designed to not only stay in place, but stand up to and last against chlorine and salt water environments. In addition to being teeny tiny, these styles are sometimes designed with exquisite and eye-catching trims to help them stand out against the crowd even more. The extra detailing helps to give the suit a boost and also a high end look. Of course, these added effects are purely optional but one thing is for certain: youíll be showing off a lot more skin in the micro bikini.

Thong Bikini Swimsuit

Thong bikini swimsuits are quickly becoming a popular swimwear option. This cheek-baring style lets it all hang out leaving little to the imagination and is perfect for those looking to erase their tan lines. Since this bottom does have noticeably less coverage than traditional bottoms, youll certainly want to be comfortable with your body before stepping out in one of these.
For a little more coverage, the Brazilian bikini is a style with a bottom that shows off some skin in the back as well, but not as much as a thong bikini swimsuit would. By skimming off fabric in the back, this style lets some more skin peek out from the side but still remaining moderately covered.

Mesh Bikini

A mesh bikini is definitely for those who arent shy about their bodies. These sheer suits can be extremely revealing so if youíre on the conservative side, best go for another style. The mesh fabric these suits are made of are very thin and lightweight giving it its transparent look. And once wet, the material tends to become even more sheer leaving very little to the imagination. Solid colors are more transparent than prints, as are lighter colors like white or yellow.

Trendy Swimwear

Swimsuits have evolved from the full garments that cover from head to toe, to tiny little two-piece bikinis. Trendy swimwear has seen many changes and variations with some more extreme versions. A hybrid between the one-piece and two-piece, the monokini has a distinct top and bottom, but with a section in the middle that joins the two. The tankini looks like a one-piece but is designed as two separate pieces with the top looking like a tank top so that your mid-section is covered. Bikinis are also being designed in smaller and smaller styles. The Brazilian is a type of bikini with a bottom that shows off some more skin in the back. By skimming off fabric in the back, this style lets some more skin peek out from the side. Thong bikini styles are also becoming popular options. This cheek-baring style lets it all hang out leaving little to the imagination.

Luxury Accessories

As with any outfit, the addition of some jewelry and accessories help to complete the look and the same goes for bikinis as well. Wearing bikini jewelry helps to spice up your beach-going look and doesnít have to be complicated at all. Adding a simple bangle, bracelet or cuff is an easy way to add a little something extra to your suit, especially if itís in silver or gold. The same goes for necklaces as well.

Other accessories to consider are cover-ups like caftans, dresses or sarongs. These lightweight cover-ups are easily to put on and take off, and are super stylish. Sandals are another stylish accessory, especially if theyíre embellished with beading that adds a little sparkle. Hats are both stylish and functional, especially the big floppy ones. Many people donít realize that itís possible to burn your scalp and wearing a hat is a great way to prevent that from happening.

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